Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas shopping guide: For the foodies

2) Edible Selby from Urban Outfitters // 35.00                           
      3) Ceramic set of two heart mini cocettes from Selfridges // 37.37  
4) Measuring cups from Anthropologie // 32.00 

1) Golden cutlery from Westelm // 21.22
      2) Ceramic salt pig from Debenhams // 7.50
          3) Labeled mixing bowls (set of three) // 43.17
                  4) Chalkboard label ceramic jars (On sale!) // 14.00

It's that time of the year again. The streets of London are filled with people shopping until they get kicked out of stores.  I'm a devoted online shopper so this year I'm gonna do ALL of my Christmas shopping online. I plan on leaving my house only for work, drinks and supplies and also to catch my flight for Greece before 2013 arrives. Sounds like a good plan. Be prepared for more gift guides and categories, so get a glass of wine, sit back comfortably and finish your Christmas shopping online!

Do you have any special Christmas plans?

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