Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Styling Recipe: Living in a white living room

 Happy Tuesday! I've always admired the magic aesthetics of bright, white interiors. I'm not quit sure though if they can be practical for my daily habits. White interiors look amazing in decorating magazines but they always have to be super organized and neat. I have to admit that I'm not that tidy and I love it when apartments aren't always that perfect. I've collected a few white and bright living rooms for you, they're always great inspiration and the truth is that I always admire their owners.
Are you a big fan of white interiors? Do you think you could live/work in such a white living room?


Photos via my Pinterest board 'Living Room Areas'

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Snapshots of my weekend

Happy Monday! This weekend was really beautiful, I've cooked a lot with John John, watched movies and walked around London and he also got me the most beautiful red tulips! 
Picture 1: Printed and Framed: One of my favorite quotes. 
{Take a look at more quotes on our facebook page here}
Picture 2: My beautiful red tulips in a candy box
Picture 3: My ASOS laptop case is here! I'm planning on using it as a clutch.
Picture 4: I've tried a family recipe for small Greek cheese pies
Picture 5: Ingredients for our homemade pizza

How was your weekend?


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Styling Recipe: Decorating with peonies

I hope you're all having an amazing weekend! Today I want to share with you one of my latest obsessions: Peonies.  I can't have enough of them! If you are searching for a simple way to "freshen up" your home, add a few flowers in it! I always love an apartment who has many flowers and plants in it because it seems more vivid and stylish.
Note to self: Look for peonies at Portobello Road tomorrow!

How about you? What's your favorite flower?


Photos via my Pinterest board 'Decorating with plants & flowers'

Friday, January 27, 2012

Styling Recipe: Window seats

{This room is dedicated to all book lovers like me around the world}

Who doesn't love Fridays? This week was really busy for me and arrival of this weekend was my only wish. Time for cocktails, great food and walks around beautiful and sunny London!
 Lately I'm day dreaming that I'm sitting on a cozy window seat near my kitchen. Window seats are so romantic, plus they can be used for extra storage.
Who wouldn't want a stylish lounge area to read a book or enjoy a hot cup of coffee?

{Bright and playful}

{Simple and stylish: Make a statement with an amazing flower bouquet}

photos via my pinterest board Window Seats

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dream Kitchen: Floor to ceiling windows

The kitchen area is my favorite place in an apartment.
 A place where creativity meets taste, a place for people who love to experiment with food and food styling! My favorite habit during the weekend is to cook with John John , while drinking a glass of red wine. A silly routine that I never want to give up! 
These kitchen areas have  a little "extra" than any other kitchen areas you've ever seen. They have a huge window, which only means one thing: more natural light and dramatic atmosphere.
My dream apartment will definitely have floor to ceiling windows.
What about you? 
How does your dream kitchen look like?


Photos via my pinterest board 'Kitchen and Dinning rooms'

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snapshots of my weekend

A few of my favorite books on my coffee table
Discovered an amazing tolix stool on sale!

New book: Design Th!nking

Sunday brunch with John John at one of my favorite organic stores: Daylesford

Vintage cameras at Portobello Road

Two brand new Essie nail polishes

Happy Tuesday! I'm so sorry for being absent, the past week has been really tough for me but I'm back healthy and full new ideas! These are a few snapshots of my weekend. How was your weekend? Any special plans for the next one?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You light up my Tuesday : Copper Shade by Tom Dixon

I love Tom Dixon. I love everything he designs but mostly his lighting pendants. Today I want to share with you the 'Copper Shade' pendant. A pendant made of.. copper (what else?) with a highly reflective surface and a warm metallic glow. 
You can buy it for £335.00 here. Interior Designers usually decorate them in pairs and they because great over a huge dinning table or a long office table.

What do you think?
Is it too extravagant for you?

photo credits 1(made by me)/2/3

Monday, January 16, 2012

Styling Recipe: the dynamic of a leather couch

Happy Monday!
Are you a fan of contemporary or classic design? I always try to combine styles and mix furnishings in order to create the perfect space. But when it comes to mix and match living room areas the choice is only this one: one big leather couch. I love the dynamic of a leather couch in a living room. People love to "melt" into a leather sofa, plus they add to a space a rustic luxury. A person's choice of furniture tells a thousand words about the individual, so why don't you choose a stylish leather sofa for your home?

Take a look at our post about Chesterfield couches here.


photo credits 1/2

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Styling Recipe: Art in the Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen areas I have only one rule: Add some Art! A kitchen with no Art in it is like food with no spices! It's just wrong and tasteless. Add a few frames with some inspirational quotes or hang your favorite picture! I gathered some of my favorite kitchen areas with small Art details for you, I hope they will inspire you!
Do you have any special "rules" for our kitchen decor?
Enjoy this Saturday!

photo sources 1/2/3

Styling Recipe: Decorating with sheepskins

Now that Winter is officially here in London, I've decided to share with you one of my favorite habits.
I love the feeling of snuggling in a sheepskin, in front of my home office, while reading blogs and enjoying a hot cup of coffee (who doesn't??). If you have a home office at your apartment like me, don't hesitate.
Add a sheepskin to your chair and enjoy the warm feeling that will offer to you!
You don't have to spend much money on a sheepskin, take a look at the IKEA sheepskin rug that can be used for your office chair here. It will be yours for only £23.
Do you have any special habits when you read blogs?


image credits 1/2/3

Friday, January 13, 2012

Decorating my apartment in London

I believe that most decorators and Interior Designers never have enough time to decorate their own place.
If you are an Interior Designer you know what I'm talking about. This is an awful truth and although I hate living in an apartment that is half empty I try to be patient and enjoy the (really SLOW!) decorating process. I've moved in my tiny apartment in London two months ago and I'm still trying to figure out time to go look for the perfect (tiny) dining table and the perfect chairs. The only thing I know is that want to order the 'For like ever' poster for a long time now. There's a special place for it over my tiny IKEA sofa bed.

Tracy Jenkins's "For, Like, Ever" poster  was featured on the cover of the September 2006 issue of Domino magazine and since then we spot one in every stylish apartment. You can buy it here for $60 and it comes in different colors.

image credits 1/2/3

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Styling Recipe : Navy blue wall + Abstract Art

I'm a huge fan of white interiors but when I saw this living room area I was impressed.
The navy blue color they chose for this wall is the perfect shade to display abstract artwork.
Combined with golden details, the result is a space with a luxurious feeling.
Maria Matiopoulou

photo credit 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Styling Recipe : Vintage beds

Today I woke up in my bed in London and I couldn't be happier. 
The weather outside is cold and gloomy and that's my favorite part of London. The gray weather & all the Victorian buildings ( I live in one!). So I woke up today and I've started thinking of Victorian beds. London is full of Victorian buildings but our interiors have nothing to do with Victorian aesthetics. How would you feel if you woke up in a Victorian bed? A vintage, fluffy, luxury, Victorian bed would make me really, really happy! 
How about you? 

Maria Matiopoulou

photo credits 1|2|3

Friday, January 06, 2012

Styling Recipe: Inspirational home office

If you're lucky enough and you have the opportunity to work from your apartment you know how important it is to have an inspirational office space. 
A place where you can focus on your work and get inspired for your new projects.
This is one of those office spaces that has it all. 
My favorite thing in this place are the bookshelves. I have a thing about floor to ceiling bookshelves. They add an intellectual feeling to a space. 
Clear glass desk + Bright white walls and floor + Sleek Modern chairs + Stylish retro inspired lamp + Floor to ceiling Bookshelves 
Did you notice our Styling Recipe: Decorating with ladders ?
{More Inspirational offices here , here and here

Maria Matiopoulou

photo via 

House tour : Summer villa in Mykonos

Happy Friday! I'm currently blogging from a Greek island, Aigina, that is really close to Athens.
So I grab this opportunity and I'll share with you today this amazing villa located in another Greek island, the famous Mykonos. 
The traditional Greek white landscape combined with modern aesthetics, designer's chairs and seasonal Greek flowers. 
The Interior Designer of this villa is Jayne Wunder, a woman with 20 years of design experience.
Take a look at her portfolio and her biography here.
What do you think? 
Would you like to relax in a place like this one? (My answer is yes!)

Maria Matiopoulou

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Styling Recipe : Decorating with black and white

Total white with a small touch of black. [Lighting pendant + accessories]

Another powerful decorating combination is black and white. In our days Interior Designers and Architects tend to use this combination really often, they love the cold, modern feeling they give to a place.
I'm a huge fan of this color palette so I've decided to share a few tips with you.

Maria Matiopoulou

House tour : Simplicity made in Paris

Happy Thursday!
 I've discovered recently this bright apartment that is located in Paris.
Feminine aesthetics ( I know, I'm obsessed!), minimalistic furnishings and almost no decorative accessories.
 I love the simplicity and the light atmosphere that is created.
What do you think?
 Is it too empty for you?

Maria Matiopoulou


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

House tour : Feminine aesthetics in Sweden

Speaking of feminine aesthetics, this apartment has it all.
It is located in Malmö, Sweden and belongs to Nina Bergsten.
Modern lighting pendants (Take a look at Muuto lamp here), marble tables, elegant chairs, huge windows and golden frames, are some of the elements that create the magic atmosphere in this apartment.  

Maria Matiopoulou

photos via 79ideas

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