Friday, September 28, 2012

Styling Recipe: Add a dash of gold

Last week I received an email from a family friend asking some advice for their new house. It's a big family house with a bright modern living room and the owner wanted to change a couple of details to freshen it up and prepare the house for Fall. My suggestion was one: go bold with a dash gold. By adding the right amount of gold to your house and you create a luxurious and classic atmosphere. A golden mirror above your fireplace or a couple of candleholders on your coffee table will do the work. If you thinking of adding a gold wallpaper like the one showed one the inspirational board be careful with the rest decorating details, combine neutral and warm colors, use only one bold element in each room. I'm obsessed with the gold console table and the candlesticks!

Do you like gold accents? Would you add any of these objects to your house?

Products + Details 

ONE // Hyde park temporary wallpaper , £50.39
TWO // John Lewis Allie task lamp, £55
THREE // John Lewis Ornate Hall mirror, £300
 FOUR // Donna Karan Lenox candle holders £150
 FIVE // Lantau Faux Shangreen console table £945
 SIX // Piede a Terre bamboo waste bin , £12

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five places in London

This is one of my favorite posts because I can share with you how amazing London town is. Since I came back from Greece the weather has been really great (until last week) and we had the opportunity to enjoy all these tasty meals and excursions to many wonderful places. Some of them in London and a couple of them just a bit outside the city. 
So, sit back and start making notes because I have some pretty amazing places to suggest to you. 

All of the pictures are taken by me with a NIKON D3100.
Baity Kitchen is a 'hip' destination in South Kensington. Located on Walton street, you'll love every single meal (most of them organic) and the interior. If the sun decides to come out they have a small but beautiful and cozy back garden.
Tom's deli is the ultimate location on a Sunday morning. If you're lucky enough you'll find a table right away, otherwise you'll need to be patient. Amazing cakes, sweets and treats in a funky mix and match interior.
The Breakfast club is my favorite place in Central London. I don't have enough words to describe how awesome the interior of this place is and how great their food tastes. Be prepared to wait a while for a table but it's totally worth it.

"Stein's" is a new Bavarian Biergarden in Kingston, it's just 30minutes away from Waterloo. John John took me there two weeks ago because he's a huge fan of Bavarian food and although I wasn't expecting anything fancy, I got really impressed with the location and the decor. A rustic atmosphere, handmade wooden furniture and live Bavarian music. Their service was a bit slow (more than 30 minutes for an Apfelstrudel) but everything else was great. We had a beer on their patio in front of Thames and when it got colder we headed inside. We're planning on going back there really soon!
Woburn Safari park offered me one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far. It's located in Woburn, a small village 40 minutes away from London, where you can find beautiful antiques. When you enter the Safari park you have no idea what's going to happen. I am a huge animal lover and I can't stand zoos and aquariums, but in this place you're basically driving around wild animals in their (almost) natural habitat. You're a visitor and the animals are deciding if they want to come near you. It was a unique experience, when at some point we were stuck in the middle of the road because this beautiful bear decided to stay there and relax for a while! 

Have you been to any of these places? Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

Take a look at more of my favorite London locations here & here

Have a lovely day,


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Styling Recipe: Choosing the right wallpaper for a nursery

When it comes to little children and babies we need to be careful. Colors, shapes and textures affect them in ways we can't even imagine. So when you're decorating the room that is meant to be for your little prince/princess choose wisely. Wallpapers are always a great way to add style and color to a room, so it's the best choice for a nursery. You can try something fun, colorful and unisex (in case you have a boy and a girl), like the images on idea number 1. If you're a fan of  girly and bright floral patterns, make sure you cover only one wall of the room, it's the best amount of wallpaper.
If you're a fan of  girly and bright floral patterns, make sure you cover only one wall of the room, it's the best amount of wallpaper. After all, you want to welcome your baby in comfort and style!

If you don't feel like redecorating every two or three years Idea number 3. is the right choice for you, clear modern geometrical shapes that you can definitely keep for many many years, until your little baby isn't a baby anymore. It will make the room look fresh and it will add dimension and texture to it! 

What about you? Which one would you choose for your nursery?

Have a lovely day!


Images via my Pinterest board 'Nursery areas' // Edited by me.

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Monday: Paper ribbon flags

Every new week is a new beginning, it's a chance to set new goals and celebrate the present. During the weekend I was going through my pins on Pinterest and found this image and it inspired me immediately. I always had a thing about paper ribbon flags and anything that has to do with parties and decorations. This is super easy you can make it in just two minutes. You'll need wooden skewers and three-cm-wide paper strings.
I used my favorite kind of paper: brown recycled paper and they were about 20cm length. When the little flags were ready, I trimmed the ends so they looked like proper flags.

You can use them on the top of a small cheese muffin like I did on the first picture (Recipe here) or on the top of a birthday cake or your favorite treats (pancakes, cupcakes etc) and write wishes and inspiring words on them! I hope you'll take two minutes and find out yourself how easy it is to make these flags!

Happy DIY Monday everybody! 

Images taken by me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Styling Recipe: A dash of dusty pink

Grey and dusty pink is definitely my favorite color combination. If you want to add a small feminine touch to one of your rooms in your apartment this is definitely one of the color combinations you need to try. Trust me, you will love the contrast between a dusty pink bedspread in a totally grey scheme bedroom. They complement each other perfectly and create a relaxing, calm atmosphere.

Are you a fan of dusty pink or do you prefer the original baby pink?

I hope you're all having a wonderful week,

I've neglected my blog for a while, hopefully everything is back to normal from now on :)


Pictures via 1,2 // Edited by me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fashion meets decor: Burgundy

As I said here, September is definitely my favorite month. Autumn was my favorite season since like ever, I believe it's the best time of the year, I always love new beginnings, new goals, a new wardrobe, and a renovated home decor. I've been through a really strong flue for the past two weeks and now that I feel strong and healthy again I've decided that it's time to redecorate. Burgundy color is my number one choice for my apartment (it's also one of the top colors for this Winter) so I grab the opportunity to share another 'Fashion meets Decor' post with you.

Burgundy color has a really strong personality, you need to be careful how you'll use it. Add small dashes of it, a sweater, a couple of pillows, a group of burgundy frames but if you feel comfortable enough you can also wear the trend from head to toe. When it comes to interiors you can dye your entrance door or your windows burgundy, just make sure you don't overdo it, otherwise your whole house will look like Santa Claus' secret workshop!

What about you? Would you prefer 'burgundy' in your wardrobe or in your apartment?


Images via 1/2/3/4 // Edited by me.

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