Saturday, October 29, 2011

House tour : An apartment that looks like a Gallery

Dear Unidentified friends, this is a Saturday night house tour dedicated to those who love Simple, to those who admire natural materials and finally to those who believe that less is definitely more. This minimalistic apartment is designed by the Architect Kasper Ronns. I love the table crude wooden table and the contrast between the bright walls and the wooden poles. What do you think? Is it "too empty" for you or do you also think that apartments like this one make life so much easier?

Maria Matiopoulou

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in love with : A tiny camera

Maybe it's not the world's best high tech camera but this little tiny thing is so cute and If you buy it, you can take photos and videos (Photos: 1280x1024 Movies: 720x480 ), uses a MicroSD as a memory (up to 16GB) . It also has flash drive so you can easily plug it in your computer and save your clicks! You can buy it here for $49.95. What do you think? 

(Make the most of your camera; online colleges offer great photography classes).

It's Friday, I'm in love with a tiny camera!

Maria Matiopoulou

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Styling Recipe : Decorating with ladders

Happy luxury Thursday! Before the usual luxury house tour I want to share with you some news and a styling Recipe! As you already know, I've moved from Athens to London almost two months ago. The fact that you don't know is that I've found a really cute studio apartment in Maida Vale. I love it because it's unfurnished.  That means only one thing: decorating fever! The apartment is located in a classic Victorian building that is currently being refurbished. I've decided to share with you the whole decorating process and today I'll share the first part!
Decorating with ladders.
Due to the scaffolding outside our building I thought it might be a good idea to buy an old wooden ladder, dye it and use it as decoration in the new apartment.  I've collected a few pictures in order to show you some ideas.
Use a ladder instead of a boudoir. A different way to store your
jewelry and accessories.
The shoe ladder: I would only suggest this solution if your high heels are always clean
and away from your bed!
The Bathroom Ladder: Definitely yes! I love wood in the bathroom plus it's a great way to hang the towels!
Wall Art Ladder: A vintage almost destroyed ladder that is used as piece of art. A really special way to decorate your ladder.
The ladder in the background that hasn't absolutely anything on it. It still looks stylish.


What do you think? Would you add a ladder in your apartment? I found one on ebay for less than 4£!
Stay tuned for photos and updates!

Maria Matiopoulou

photos via

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chair Wednesday : Plopp stool

The creator of Plopp stools is the Polish Designer Oskar Zieta for HAY. Plopp stools look like they're inflatable but they're not. They are made of hydro-formed metal and you can make one (or many!) yours from 310 . Check out his collection on his e-shop here.
 Zieta about his plopp stool "The result is a light construction which can be easily mass-customized at low production costs with well established techniques

What do you think? Check out the last house tour here and see the plopp stools placed in a wonderful apartment.

Maria Matiopoulou

House tour: Scandinavian Design

I can't get enough of Scandinavian design. Seriously. I'm an addict. This apartment goes straight in the 'IwishIlivedthere' list. This apartment "includes" many famous furniture and pendants I've already shared with you and many that items that I will share you you in the future! I hope you remember and recognize the wooden Muuto lamp from this post or the Cherner dining chairs from this post.

Today is Chair Wednesday so I thought I could connect this post with the next one.

Did you notice the little yellow inflatable stool in the pictures? And another white one in the kitchen?

What do you think about it?

Maria Matiopoulou

photographer : Andreas Mikkel Hansen

photos via

Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Monday : Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Jack-o Lantern in your plate! A yellow pepper in costume ;)

Things that made me smile this week [16-23|10|11]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So enjoy 7000 words that describe my week!
I hope we all have a great Monday! Stay tuned for the Halloween DIY project ;)
Maria Matiopoulou

I'm in love with Westminster underground station! IN LOVE
Outside John John's apartment @ Cranfield School of Management.
A really modern and stylish building. I need to show you more pictures of it soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

House tour : An Architect's Apartment

This stylish pad belongs to the Brazilian architect Mauricio Arruda and it's located in São Paulo. He managed to combine different styles, materials & colors and he succeed. Notice the unique dining table! I love the white crude walls and the light that comes from the big windows. So this is how an architect's apartment should look, don't you agree?

Maria Matiopoulou
photos via

It's Friday, I'm in love with : Growing on trees

Celebrity chef Mauro Colagreco collaborated with French designer Stéphanie Marin
and created these tiny wooden trees that you can decorate with finger food! So stylish and cute.
It's Friday, I'm in love with Finger Food on wooden trees!
What do you think?

Maria Matiopoulou

photos via

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Luxury Thursday : Desert home

Maybe the last thing you would expect to discover in a desert. This luxury "Oasis"is designed by Studio Aiko. An isolated paradise that offers more than you could ever dream of. Notice the vivid colors they used to brighten up the living room. How would you feel in a place like this one?

Maria Matiopoulou

photos via

Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Monday : Floating Vase

Happy DIY Monday to everybody! Winter time has officially started in London but I can't stop buying and thinking about flowers. They make a room look brighter, happier and vivid. This is a smart and easy DIY idea by Cupcakes and Cashmere, one of my favorite blogs. Take a look to her photo instructions to create the floating vase here.
I hope you're having a lovely Autumn,I'll see you all tomorrow with a 'you light up my Tuesday' post!

Maria Matiopoulou

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things that made me smile this week [6-13|10|11]

Unidentified Lifestyle is BACK!
How are you? I still haven't got daily access to the internet so today I will share with you 10 photos of what I did the last days that I've been disappeared.
I hope you enjoy them :)  I have so many news to share with you.

Maria Matiopoulou

Lying In The Sun with friends @ Hyde Park

London 2012 Olympic Games Team GB Lion Mascot

I can't get enough of the window displays in London!

Every alley has a little surprise for the visitors

Ceramic crinkle cups outside the Southbank Centre in Waterloo.
I found them online here

I enjoyed an 8 hour long Architecture field trip with my University

Lego Boutique at Milton Keynes city

Part of my University Library. Cool, right?

Halloween fever! Everybody's getting ready for Halloween in London!

true Artists @ Thames riverside

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