Saturday, April 28, 2012

Styling Recipe: yellow details in the kitchen

When it comes to cooking I love anything with lemon! I use lemon on a daily basis so I got inspired to create some mood boards with kitchen areas with yellow details. Color psychology claims that light yellow clears the mind making it active. We usually start our day from the kitchen so this would be the perfect space for us to add a dash of yellow! It can be a stool, a table or even a couple of matching lighting pendants. Add a bold yellow element or a group of smaller yellow accessories that will give you a boost and help you start day with more energy!
My dream house has a yellow fridge like this one in the last picture! 
Would you add a dash of yellow in your kitchen area? Or do you prefer pastel color shades?

Have a lovely day!

Collages made by me
All pictures via my Pinterest boards 'Kitchen and Dinning rooms' & 'Kitchen details'

Friday, April 27, 2012

House tour: Summer house on the Spanish island of Formantera

I've discovered this amazing house in Spain on Style Files a couple of months ago and totally forgot about until yesterday that I saw a picture of it on my Pinterest timeline. I've decided that it's time to share it with you because it reminds me so much of Summer. Something that right now seems so far away for me! It is located on the Spanish island of Formentera and it's styled by Daniela Cavestany
How I would love to spend some quality time on next to that pool on that patio. Cold drinks, hot sun and the living is easy!

If teleportation was possible where would you go right now?

Photographer Jordi Canosa

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Styling Recipe: Total white bedrooms

One of the best things about total white bedrooms is the energy they have. A total white simplicity that brings life to every room. A timeless elegance created by total white elements, like a white canvas on a white wall and white bedspreads and patterned pillows. If you love total white bedrooms but you need to add something different so that the room won't be that blank, you can add some simple d├ęcor touches like beige pillows, some fresh flowers and also a couple of wooden accessories. 

What do you think? Would you be happy in a bedroom like this one?

Take a look at another post about White living rooms and how to create a cozy atmosphere here.


All images via my Pinterest board 'Sleeping Areas'

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five places in London

This is the second post about my favorite places in London. You can read the first one here. I thought this could be a weekly section but unfortunately I don't have that time in my hands right know. So for now 'Five places in London' will be a monthly section. I hope you enjoy my picks and I'm always happy to learn about new places! Have you ever been to any of these places? 
I'd love to know!


Flat white in Soho, is a famous location for coffee in London. It's always part of the 'top ten' lists for the best coffee places and I can assure you that their coffee is amazing. (

I'm a huge fan of Mexican food so this is definitely one of my favorite discoveries during the past month. Wahaca in London brings you closer to delicious street food dishes (I've tried the vegetarian burrito and John John had the steak burrito, they were both amazing!)) and the interior of the restaurant is so hip and modern! (

Since I've moved to London I developed a crush on flea markets. It's my favorite habit during the weekend, I love exploring new markets, farmers and vintages goodies. This market is a well hidden secret between Londoners, it's quite far away from central London but it's totally worth it. Delicious food, vintage clothing, old books and amazing music, Broadway Market has everything a visitor can ask for. You might want to go a bit early because it gets really crowded after 12pm. (

This is why I love London. You can go from flea markets to amazing luxurious reastaurants. The Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in Notting Hill is one of my favorite destinations. This place has two things: great food and unique cocktails. Plus the interior of the restaurant is a must-see. Luxurious chandeliers in an opulent interior that looks like it came out of fantasy fairytale. 
( )

Last but not least, the place where I spent a not so traditional Greek Easter with John John a couple of weeks ago : Little Venice in Warwick Avenue. Water, boats, nature and sun. That's all you need. We've tried the 'Waterway' restaurant, the food was ok and the interior is really cozy. They even have a fireplace. If the weather conditions allow it you can sit on the restaurants porch and have a glass of wine while looking at the river.

All photos are taken by me with a NIKON D3100.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Project: Headboard silhouette

I found this headboard on Pinterest a couple of months ago and it was love at first sight! A sticker headboard is ideas for small, modern apartments. I've tried to find its original source and translate the instructions from Dutch to English. It's not an easy project but it's definitely low cost and the result is stunning and unique. 
The first thing you have to do is download the headboard silhouette.
Print the headboard silhouette on an A4 transparency paper and project it on the wall, adjust the size of it on the wall and with a small brush and some fluorescent color, paint over the the projected headboard shape! 
I know not everybody owns a projector so I thought this concept could be a little easier if you download the headboard silhouette,  edit the size of it on photoshop, choose your favorite color and take it to your local printer shop and ask them to print it as a sticker. 
So much easier and it's still a low budget DIY project!
What do you think? 
Would you add a sticker headboard to your apartment?


Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate chip cookies

This is my second recipe on this blog (you can find the first one here) and as I've told you before cooking is one of my favorite habits during the weekend. I experiment with different ingredients and I love love love finding stylish ways to serve them! Fortunately John John loves to try all of my new "experiments" and every time I try to serve them in unique and creative ways. It's not just about the taste but also about the way a dish is served!
These are my favorite chocolate chip cookies, they're so easy to make and really tasty. I've tried this recipe from and I've used my muffin tray to bake them. They go great with milk for breakfast or juice for an afternoon snack. I hope you like them!
How was your weekend? Did you try any new dishes?

Have a lovely week!


All photo were taken by me with a NIKON D3100

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Styling Recipe: Charming small apartments

We're all dreaming of the perfect house and most of the times our dream house is a huge one (Mine is definitely huge!). Today I want to show you that a dream apartment doesn't have to be really big, it has to be decorated in a specific way and charming way. These are some of my favorite charming small studio apartments and I've noted some the details that will make your studio apartment look bigger! 
What do you think? Would you live in a charming studio apartment like these ones?

I hope you'll like this post and you'll find it useful!


images via my Pinterest board 'Small Interiors'

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trendspotting: White subway tiles

I've had a crush on industrial aesthetics since I started studying Interior Design. Five years later this crush developed to a long lasting love... I still adore everything that is made of concrete, tiles and exposed cables. Today I wanted to share with you my latest obsession : white subway tiles. They're everywhere here in London, too. Designers use them in restaurants, bars, everywhere.
 I think I prefer it when it is used in modern bathroom areas. If you want to make your bathroom look even more special, just add a bold colorful element like a colorful shower curtain or a couple of plants and some books or artwork!

What do you think? Would you try it in your apartment?


Pictures via my Pinterest board 'Bathroom areas'

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things that made me smile this week

These are some photos that I took during the past two weeks. I traveled from London to Athens, from Athens to Thessaloniki, from Thessaloniki back to Athens and then back to London! That's a lot of traveling for only 12 days! I loved every single moment of my holidays, I got all the love I needed from my family and friends, amazing food and breathtaking views.
 Oh, I've also had my first swim of the season!

1. Red velvet sweets
2. Discovering new favorite places in London with my personal photographer (John John!)
3. Favorite seafood restaurant in Athens (White Greek decorations everywhere)
4. Mexican burrito in London
5. A view of the Acropolis while walking around the center of Athens

1. Homemade cupcakes for John John's birthday
2. Gloomy, windy weather in Greece
3. One of the many photos I took during my flights
4. My big, fat cat 'Louis' in my hometown 
5. The Greek girl is back to Maida Vale!

I hope you enjoy my snapshots. 
Have you traveled anywhere recently?


DIY Monday : Pallet creations

Happy DIY Monday! I'm a huge fan of reusing furniture and giving them new life. Especially when the cost is so low and the result is so stunning! This one is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects, a kitchen island made of pallets. What do you think? Isn't it a brilliant idea?

Take look at a previous post about pallet creations here.


collage made by me
image credit 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter

Being away from home during Easter holidays is not fun. But what I've discovered during this week is that there is always space for new traditions and habits. It's my first Easter away from Greece and it has been a great one. Lunch at Little Venice with John John, drinks in central London, a visit to the Greek Orthodox church to get the holly fire. Hopefully we created memories that will last for many many years. 

Happy Easter to all of my friends who are celebrating today. 
I'm wishing you good health and happiness. 


image sources 13 / 4

Monday, April 09, 2012

Fashion meets Decor: Florals

We all love mixing trends and styles. My favorite part is when I bring fashion trends into the design world. This year, everybody from the fashion world got obsessed with Spring florals. I'm still trying to find the perfect pair of floral printed trousers to freshen up my wardrobe. All of those feminine and sophisticated interiors are inspired by specific fashion trends and patterns from the Spring '12 collections.
What do you think?
Do you prefer to wear the floral trend or to use it in your apartment?


image credits 1|2|3|4

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter inspiration

Happy Easter to all those celebrating! These are some of my favorite Easter decorating ideas. Enjoy your weekend! 
Greetings from beautiful and sunny Greece!


image credits 1|2|3

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Styling Recipe: the art of a Picnic

I hope you're all still here, I know I've been absent for the last couple of weeks but I've been really busy with the final project for my university and catching planes from London to Greece. I'm writing this post from my hometown, Thessaloniki. The weather here is lovely and I'm currently relaxing in my garden next to my two dogs and a warm cup of coffee. 
A friend once told me 'people feel different when they sit/walk on grass'. His quote sounded strange but I always felt the need to sit by the beach, on grass or snow but I've never realized the true connection between people & nature and how nature makes everybody happy. Maybe that's why I enjoy picnics so much. Do you find time to enjoy a day on the beach or in a park with friends?

Truth is that the absolute essentials for a picnic are simple : friends, a warm blanket & food you love! But if you want to take the whole process of a picnic to a whole new level, I've collected a few extra ordinary picnic settings for you. I hope you like them!
 Greeting from Greece, I hope you all have a great day!


photos via my Pinterest board 'Tablescapes'

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