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one of those weekends

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home styling tips // One Sofa - three ways to style it

I'm not going to lie, I've been trying to finish this post for the last 3 (!) weeks. On long train rides, at airport lounges, at home with a glass of wine.. it just seemed impossible. Well today everything was going wrong and I realised that the only thing that keeps me sane is this little online space which is all mine, every little piece of it belongs to me and who I am.. so here I am, sharing a new blog post about sofas cushions and how you can play with them. The more I work in Interiors the more I learn to appreciate cushions and lamps (but hopefully I can share more on lamps on another post). If you feel like updating your house start with the cushions; it is the easiest and probably the only way that you're not going to break the bank. Today I'm showing you how the same sofa, with the same lamps and side tables can transform completely just by changing the cushions. So if you're like me you and you can't live in a space that looks the same all year long, cushions are you secret weapon!
Have a lovely day!

If you like any of the product in the photos, click on the photo that will redirect you to the desired item.


PS: I made my very first gif, how fun is this? (Or is it extremely annoying? Are those messy cushions on the sofa making you want to jump in your screen and redecorate them too? I'd love to know your thoughts!)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Steal the look // Scandinavian reading nook

The older I grow, the more I enjoy cozy weekends at home, watching
movies and snuggling on the sofa. This weekend was one of those, 
the perfect balance between lying on the sofa and seeing friends for coffee.
How was your weekend?
Here's a mood board on how to copy this Scandinavian inspired cozy 
reading nook. 
Photo via Pinterest.
-Click on the images for prices and details.

Have a great week everyone! 

Monday, June 02, 2014

Fashion meets Decor // Marble Prints

Another weekend has come to an end and I kept spotting more and more marble trends around London town. So I grabbed my laptop and decided to share a few of my favourite marble inspired products around the internet (while watching a really good movie! #multitaskingforlife). I hope you all have a sunny and productive new week! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Latest obsession // Succulents at home

 So I haven't been around a lot.. as per usual. Life is a roller coster and unfortunately blogging wasn't on top of the list. But is always and when I say alway I mean at least 10 times day in my mind. "Oh I'm so gonna blog about this' well, it never happened. So today that I'm home alone, I've decided that I need to share with who-ever-is-still-out-there my latest obsession: Succulents. I love them, wether they are in planters, on the wall, on a plater os as centerpieces I just completely adore them. What do you think? Is it just another Pinterest trend? And now that we've mentioned Pinterest, all of these lovely images are via my Pinterest board 'And decorate with plants and flowers', join me on Pinterestland and lets share beautiful images (

Monday, December 23, 2013

Things that made me smile this week // December week 3

3 days until Christmas! I didn't realize it until I heard it from a guy on the radio! I'm going home in less than 2 days and I'll share a big secret with you tonight: I hate packing. And I have to catch 2 flights in one day. This is a lot of packing. I wish I could magically have my suitcases ready to go and all the gifts wrapped and placed in as well! This week was fun, I tried to avoid anything that included packing, focused on work and did a lot of Christmas baking, shopping and I received my first Christmas gift (which I totally ALREADY unwrapped!) It's the Iconia A1 tablet from Acer, which is probably going to be my new best friend for 2014! I spent the weekend exploring all the apps and taking the photos that you'll see attached in this post. A girl(+blogger!) can never have too many gadgets!

1// Would you resist unwrapping this beautiful gift? I couldn't help myself! Hello new Iconia tablet, welcome to the world of Unidentified Lifestyle! (Iconia A1 tablet review here)  Thank you Acer! I'm incredibly amazed by your gift wrapping skills! 
Get it for you or a make a friend happy , with just a click here.
2// Casual Sundays at home, washing the dishes and doing laundry #notjoking #domesticgoddess
3// A rare moment during this week that didn't include rain & wind
4// I mean, I had to take another photo, look at this beauty! Christmas and Harrods go together like milk and biscuits.
5// A fun lunchbox I got for our Secret Santa gift exchange at work. You can find it on Asos or River Island(on sale!).
6//7//8// Making a traditional Christmas treat: Melomakarona or simply Honey syrup biscuits. You can find the recipe in English on 

Is there anyone else out there that hates packing as much as I do? Are you all going home for Christmas? Happy Monday y'all! 3 days till Christmas! 


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Let's DIY // 10 Printable gift tags for your presents

Your presents have to be stunning but the perfect and suitable gift tag will make them shine like a diamond. Today I've collected 9 free printable gift tags + 1 from Etsy. I hope you like them and that they'll inspire you to print them! Happy gift-wrapping!


1// Fun! From the Decorators notebook // 2. From Love.Obsess.Inspire // 3. Via // 4. Simple and festive. From Etsy // 5. Nice and simple. From Shewearsmanyhats // 6&7. My favorite free printable gift tags . By Kelli Murray // 8. From // 9. A little washi tape DIY for plain gift tags. From Allwashitape // 10. Love these colours. From ZuGalerie

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's DIY // Christmas Gift wrapping ideas

Christmas is around the corner, even if you haven't event had chance to look at the calendar, I'm sure you've been present at conversations about ribbons and tissue paper! I've a big love for brown paper so today I'm sharing my favorite gift wrapping ideas with brown paper. Fun, chic, personal, thoughtful, you've got 9 different ideas to choose from! No.9 is the gift I made for our 'Dirty Santa' game at work! 
More Christmas ideas, recipes, table settings on my Pinterest board 'Christmas season'
Have a good day!


1// My all time favorite wrapping idea: Rainbow yearns wrapped around brown paper! Via 
2// Red twine and small piece of a Fir tree, it doesn't get any more Christmasy than this. Heaven. via 
3// Pompoms is such a fun alternative to bows and ribbons! Via 
4// A playful option: Poms Poms and gifts tags via Pinterest
5// If you've got plenty of time to spare, go for this candy garland. Add a tiny name tag to make it look more personal. "Stamp red peppermints on white paper, then cut out. Glue the peppermints to raffia and coil the garland multiple times around the center of a box. Attach a cardstock tag.Via
6// Cut out heart via 'the House that Lars built'
7// If you're going for something more personalized: use red ribbon & reprint an old photo via  Odessamay Society 
8// Use black ribbon to create a chic look, add your final touch by adding a small piece of your Christmas tree. Via 

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