Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's DIY // Christmas Gift wrapping ideas

Christmas is around the corner, even if you haven't event had chance to look at the calendar, I'm sure you've been present at conversations about ribbons and tissue paper! I've a big love for brown paper so today I'm sharing my favorite gift wrapping ideas with brown paper. Fun, chic, personal, thoughtful, you've got 9 different ideas to choose from! No.9 is the gift I made for our 'Dirty Santa' game at work! 
More Christmas ideas, recipes, table settings on my Pinterest board 'Christmas season'
Have a good day!


1// My all time favorite wrapping idea: Rainbow yearns wrapped around brown paper! Via 
2// Red twine and small piece of a Fir tree, it doesn't get any more Christmasy than this. Heaven. via 
3// Pompoms is such a fun alternative to bows and ribbons! Via 
4// A playful option: Poms Poms and gifts tags via Pinterest
5// If you've got plenty of time to spare, go for this candy garland. Add a tiny name tag to make it look more personal. "Stamp red peppermints on white paper, then cut out. Glue the peppermints to raffia and coil the garland multiple times around the center of a box. Attach a cardstock tag.Via
6// Cut out heart via 'the House that Lars built'
7// If you're going for something more personalized: use red ribbon & reprint an old photo via  Odessamay Society 
8// Use black ribbon to create a chic look, add your final touch by adding a small piece of your Christmas tree. Via 


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